New building hostel which is located in one of the most interesting and important Camino de Santiago places in Burgos. 

In Hornillos del Camino you will find this functional, modern and recently open place to rest away form the city and in a small and quiet village. 

It has a special place to keep your bicycle and all the attentions that cyclists need. 


  • Bed: 8 € (bed sheets included).
  • Completely breakfast: 3 €.


Opening times from 10:00 to 22:00.

  • We offer breakfast.
  • Laundromat.
  • Towels' rent.
  • Free WI-FI.
  • Heating and hot water. 
  • Bed sheets.
  • Soft-drinks and snaks machines.
  • Completely kitchen (glass-ceramic hob, microwave, refrigerator…).
  • Place to keep bicycles.
  • Clothes line.
  • Individual lockers. 
  • External boot keeper. 

Some days we offer massages, a large garden where pilgrims can do yoga, meditation, etc. The hostel also has private bedrooms (double and individual rooms). 


First time this village appears in the documents is during the 9th century, due to a defensive line made for primitive Castilla towers. In that epoch the village was known as “Forniellos”, that means little kiln, where tiles were baked. 

Over the years, were submitted until three hospitals: San Lázaro, which was destinated to pilgrims and leprous people; Santo Espíritu, which was created for pilgrims, and another hospital. Today, all have disappeared.  

In 1936 appear some visigothic tombs, where were found ceramic and other valuable metals. What is more, other monument stands out: the parish church, built in the village's plaza and nowadays totally remodeled. 



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