The Bela Muxía hostel is a space dedicated to all those who want to enjoya few days of rest in Muxía (A Costa da Morte) in A Coruña after having done the Camino de Santiago or being on holidays.

A place for culture, which contains a thematic exhibition of legends, poems ans texts related to the sea and with the culture of the area. Everything created by poets and writers such as Rosalía de Castro, García Lorca, José Saramago, Cesar Antonio Molina, López Abente... and illustrious pilgrims as Nicolás de Popielovo, Rey Alfonso VII...


  • Bunk bed: 12 €.


Equipped with all the necessary services to make you feel at home. Stay in our hostel will make the visitor can discover  our maritime culture, rest and visit an environment surrounded by nature, beaches, monuments and churches that will never forget.


The entrance of the hostel recives us with two images which support the idea of a placed vinculated with the dramaturgy of the sea and with its epic conscience: the wreck. Costa da Morte acquire its most tragical identity from the metonymy of the wreck, a real sequence of the difficult life that man had, through centuries, in his fight against sea, this friend/enemy which made possible the economic development of this area and that the Romanesque literature convert into legends and fables.

Patients flat manuscripts which José López Redonda, from the Pepe Olegario's family, Sardiñeiro sailor, designed as a product of his research for more than fifty years of work in the seas of Costa da Morte, allow us to locate the wrecks of the numerous shipwrecks that had suffered from Cabo de Touriñán to Punta Lens.

A photograph made by Xurxo Lobato of the last of the great shipwrecks of the gigantic oil tanker Prestige, symbol of catastrophism and the chaos at the sea, which sank off the coast of Muxía, in November 2002. It Constitutes the eloquent image of the tragic feeling of the man's life at the sea.


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