The hostel «L'Esprit du Chemin»'s owners, Huberta and Arno, say goodbye to the village of Saint Jean Pied de Port to create a new hostel on the Vézelay road (located south of Nevers). The hostel is situated at 25 Km from Vézelay, in a village called «Le Chemin» (the way!).

The new owners, Joxelu and Jakline, take the hostel, which is still in the address 40 rue de la Citadelle. The hostel is called «Beilari» (that means pilgrim in euskera, and «who takes care» too). Both Basques take over the hostel with eagerness and  wish to welcome and hospitality to every pilgrim, doing the same as  Huberta y Arno.

The hostel is at the hillside of Pyrenees, inside Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port's walls, in the historic street; rue de la Citadelle.

Is supposed that our house was built at the end of Middle Ages. A tipically Basque house with big walls, wooden floor, big stairs, and painted with typical colours, red and white. We are proud of carrying a hostal in a lovely house. The house have four simple and warm bedrooms. There are eighteen beds; two bedrooms with just three beds, an other with four and the last has eight.

Downstairs there is a kitchen, a living room and the terrace, where you can rest and find other guests. There is a second patio in the garden behind the house, with views to the town and mountains. This is our "inspiration house".

In quiet or rainy moments you can use the library and play familiar games.

Obviously there are services, two excellent showers and a place to make the laundry (yourself), centrifugate and dry.

Cyclists can leave the bicycles in the indoor courtyard, closed and private.

In our house you can spend the night and while its dark, sit down and make company to an international society in a three dishes menu.

We make breakfast in the morning and if you want, sandwiches too.


  • Half board 33 euros
  • We give priority to the community dinner, for most of you the first of the trip.




Common zones

- Bunk beds

- Single bes



- Living room

- Dinning room

- Bathroom

- Showers

- Terraces


Other services

Servicios Próximos/Close services

- Hot water

- Drinking water

- NO pets

- First aid kit

- Heating

- Kitchen

- Frost

- Sink

- Washing machine

- Courtyard for bycicles

- Sockets

- Mobile range

- Turism and information office

- Bycicle workshop

- Butcher's

- Establishment with Internet conection

- Automatic teller machine

- Corner shop

- Bakery

- Chemist's

- Medical assistance

- Bars and restaurants




Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port has been an important passage zone to cross de Pyrenees. "Pied-de-Port" means "near the port". The area is called "Cize" (in basco: Garazi).  

In the Codex Calixtinus (12th-century), the Pyrenees crossing is described in a certain way:

"There, in the Basque Country, the Camino de Santiago crosses a very high hill called "Port de Cize" (...). It is so high, that everyone who climbs to the top, thinks that can touch the sky with his/her own hand. (...). Near this mountain, to the north, it is located a valley called "de Valcarlos". Who crosses this valley (...) do not have to climb the hill."


Tiempo en Beilari