It is a new build house, with a garden in the ground floor. Community dinner. Possibility to rent bed sheets and individual lockers. 

The hostel has available two double bedrooms for 35-40€.


  • Hostel: 10 €.


  • Washing machine and Dryer.
  • Cover room for bicycles.
  • Computer with Internet connection. Wi-fi.
  • Soft-drink and coffee machines. 
  • Living room with TV.
  • Indoor and outdoor clothes line. 
  • Heating and hot water. 


Cirueña is a village of La Rioja autonomous community located 6 km west of the region Santo Domingo de la Calzada's head; both regions are connected by LR-204 road. To the south there are the monastic combinations of San Millán de la Cogolla y la abadía de Cañas. It connects with N-120 national road between Logroño and Burgos by LR-236 autonomic road.

San Andrés is a Pre-Romanesque parish church, next to the ancient monastery with the same name. This church was built in the 10th century. You can visit the  alabaster armchairs' remainders in the apse. 


Tiempo en Albergue Victoria