The hostel opened in June 2008. The hostel was built by Unau and Livia, two youngs man who left their lives in Madrid to start a new stage in the Camino de Santiago. The Albergue de la Piedra was built on a mountain, and still preserve a part of it inside the building. Very family environment.

The latest facilities and the agreement of its owners with the Camino and with bicigrinos  will make this the perfect place to stop before face the slopes of O'Cebreiro.


  • Sleep: 8 €.
  • Buffet breakfast: 2 €.
  • Washing + drying service: 5 €.


  • Internet connection.
  • Automatic teller machines.
  • Chemist's.
  • Doctor's office.
  • Corner shop with bakery.
  • Bars and restaurants.


It is worth to stop in this village because it is one of the last cities full of history and monuments before going into the rural Galicia.

The tradition of the Puerta del Perdón of the Romanic church of Santiago dates from 1122, when the Pope Calixto III gave to the temple the privilege of giving the Jubilee to the pilgrims, who for medical reasons, can not reach Santiago de Compostela.

Between the 19th and 20th Centuries the door was walled up because of the plague and to protect the temple from attacks, untill in 1948 the tradition began again a cause of the celebration of de Jacobean Year.

So, each year in which coincide the 25 of July with Sunday, the pilgrims who had travelled at least 150 kilometers of the pilgrimage route and can not continue the Camino until the tomb of the Apostle, can be awarded with the Jubilee in this village.

This is the unique temple of the Camino de Santiago, besides the cathedral of Compostela, which has this prebend in Saint Jacobean Year.