A small road which its history dates back when the National VI road crosses for its door with a huge travellers, guests and food transfer traffic. 

Its owners reinvented themselves and transformed this small road guesthouse in a pilgrims hostel where they still offer his attentions and food as ever, before on four wheels and now pilgrims and bicigrinos travellers. 

A family environment, an eatery, a bar and a place to stop before the hard rises of O'Cebreiro.


  • Hotel (bedroom for 3 or 4 people): 9 € (bunk bed).
  • Hostel (bedroom for 2 people): 10 € (bunk bed).
  • Guesthouse individual bedroom: 25 €.
  • Guesthouse double bedroom: 35 €.


In the first floor are the bedrooms of our hostel. The bedrooms has bunk beds for 2, 3 and 4 people, with bathroom and shower inside of each room. The Camino de Santiago pilgrims and normal guests, young people or adventurers, can be in large and clean place without a lot of people and rest after a hard journey or visit all the tourist attractions of our region. 

Our hostel's bedrooms has available a Wi-fi connection and heating. 

Other hostel services:

  • Restaurant - Cafeteria services.
  • Public telephone.
  • Laundromat.
  • Outdoor car park.
  • Public park.
  • Large terraces.
  • Computer room.


The hostel is located in the vicinity of the national road and before the O'Cebreiro mountain.

Who wants to stop here will be in a eatery, a place with a familiar environment. You could drink some beers and admire the impressive mountains sketched in the horizon.  


Tiempo en Albergue El Peregrino de la Portela