The hostel is open all the year, it has 32 places. It is located in an extraordinary environment and it has all the facilities, a good central heating system, a common room with a fireplace, television, refrigerator, microwave, etc. Tourists and pilgrims will have all the tranquility and comfort in their resting stops. 

We have the latest facilities adapted to the walker necessity, making its stay in the village the most pleasant possible. This is a welcoming place, quiet and calm with a family atmosphere.

Registered in the Hostels Association of Castilla y León of the French way.
It has the legal permits and it complies with the official regulatio.


  • Hostel: 8 €


  • Bookings available.
  • Hours opening 12 and closing 22 hours.
  • Laundry, washer and dryer.
  • Kitchen, living room.
  • Terrace, stable and closed place for bicycles.


This village is located in the central part of the province, in the alfoz of the city of León, just 5 kilometers away. It is situated in the Camino de Santiago, in one of the main cores of traffic, connected to the Campomanes motorway, to Asturias, with the León-Astorga motorway, to Galicia and with the motorway of León-Benavente, to Madrid.

Sanctuary of the virgen

In 1914, the Virgen del Camino got from Rome the statement of patron saint of the Legion of León. On 7 June 1917, the Pope Benedicto XI autorized the canonical coronation of the Virgin of the Camino, beginning a new and true radiated devotion, wihich full the sanctuary as before and settled the esplanade in the romeria, returning to the memory of the cristian village the name of the Moher as Nuestra Señora del Camino.


Tiempo en Albergue La Casa del Camino