In one of the places more impressives in landscapes and more beauty of the Camino de Santiago is located this great hostel recently built and opened.

Cyclists will have to be attentive just leaving the town of Acebo and leave behind the last houses of this little village because the enormous slope which will be in front of them can make they pass by it and lose the opportunity to stop in this idyllic and opportune place.

It is very recommendable for the quality of its facilities and location.


  • Hostel: 10 €.
  • Double room with bathroom: 50 €.
  • Double room with common bathroom: 45 €.


  • Living room with good views.
  • Single and common rooms.
  • Restaurant, corner shop, bar.
  • A bicycle shed.
  • Laundry room.
  • Swimming pool.

Of course it has all the comforts af a modern hostel and all the facilities of a hotel.


The Casa of the Peregrino is placed in one of the most beautiful areas of all the Camino de Santiago full of an interminable landscape and an extensive nature in an extraordinary environment inside of the Bierzo region, on more than 1.000 meters of height and near to La Cruz de Ferro, the highest point in the French Camino de Santiago.

From La Casa del Peregrino you can enjoy its surroundings, full of extraordinary places like Las Medulas, the Valle del Silencio, El Castillo del Temple in Ponferrada, El Puente Romano of Molinaseca, La Reserva Nacional of Los Ancares, El Puente Medieval and La Colegiata de Santa María ein Villafranca del Bierzo, of course, among many other places.

An environmnet full of valleys, rivers, routes, caves, mountains, fauna, flora and very tasty in gastronomy which makes this places the best for resting and for outdoor tourism.


Tiempo en Albergue La Casa del Peregrino