Pilgrims need a quality lodging where take precedence the cleanliness and the comfort. We open the hostel thinking on the pilgrims' needs, having been pilgrims we ourselves. 

After three winters of construction, now we have two private bedrooms - one with capacity for 2 people and other with capacity for until 4 people - each one with a private bathroom, and other bedroom with 6 places in 3 bunk beds with its private bathroom. This last, restored with stone, offers a wonderful views of the landscape and is equipped with the necessary elements thought for the pilgrims' well-being. It should be pointed out that depends on the European regulations regarding to the accessibility, bedrooms and bathrooms are adapted for disabled people. 

For the pilgrims' rest it is available 3 different zones: the bar-cafeteria, the terrace to enjoy the nature and an indoor terrace only available for guests. 

In the night we offer comon dinner, where guests can share their experiences during the Camino de Santiago. 


  • Hostel: 10 € per person in bunk bed.
  • Double bedroom 40 € per room with private bathroom (bed sheets and towels included)


  • Bar-cafeteria (100% home-made food)
  • Bicycle shed
  • Laundromat
  • Clothes line
  • Sello del Credencial
  • Free Wi-fi 
  • Free lockers
  • Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan, Italian, French, Chinese, Tagalog.


Paradela is a village of the Sarria region, which is a part of the Ribeira Sacra and which is located at 36 km. from Lugo. In the northwest is located the Miño river making the natural border of the town. Also, stands out the Loio river, situated in the north of the region. In the Miño river you can do a catamaran ride for all of Belesar reservoir. In the northern part of the region crosses de Camino de Santiago from Sarria to Portomarín. 


Tiempo en Albergue Casa do Rego