The location, its design, cleanliness and exquisite manner make the Casa Ibarrola an obligatory place to rest. It is designed with a limitated number of guests provide an exclusive and close service regarding other hostels where thereis no privacy. 

Everything invite to relaxation, it is designed for being comfortable to pilgrims.

We have Wi-fi zone with 1 computer available to the guests for free. Our webpage is available to the pilgrims to have a look at the hostel, bedrooms, beds, bathrooms... You can make the booking by e-mail or telephone.  

The price includes breakfast, being a price in keeping with the other hostels inside the zone. However, our hostel offers a better service and product's quality.

It is available whashing machine and dryer services in order to have clean and dry clothes for the next journey. In addition, Casa Ibarrola's guests have a special pilgrm menu's price in Bistrot Catedral bar. 

Outside the hostel, just in front of the entrance, pilgrims who wants to spend the night in Pamplona can find a bracket with photographies of the hostel's inside, all its rooms, the rates and an explanation about the services availables on it. 

It is opened every month of the year, offering the same attention and services, as the same price regardless of the years' season.


  • Bunk bed in a common room: 15 € (bedspread, pillowcase and breakfast buffet included), from 1/04 to 31/10.
  • From 1/11 to 31/03, bunk bed price: 12 euros, without breakfast.


Hostel arounds' services:
  • Information for the pilgrim 
  • Telephone box
  • Automatic teller machine
  • Medical assistance
  • Chemist's
  • Repair shop 
  • Supermarket
  • Butchery
  • Bakery
  • Bar-Restaurant
  • Mobile phone range
Services in Roncesvalles:

This new service is focused to the guests who comes to Pamplona with the intention to start the Camino de Santiago from Roncesvalles.

We welcome you at our hostel and organize the transport to Roncesvalles, where you will start your journey. Back to Pamplona you will spend the night in our hostel again.

We call it "Roncesvalles Pack" and the prices should be checked because it depends on the interessed people's number. 


It is located in the Pamplona historical center's entrance, a place with several momuments, a cathedral, the council's plaza, the Estafeta road... 

The way passes through the big wall's doors. You find it easily and we were in the heart of the city.


Tiempo en Albergue Casa Ibarrola