Suseia is a 21th century tourist hostel located in Zubiri, Navarre, at the end of the French Camino de Santiago's second stage, where what you wish for come true. It has all type of commodities and a affordable price. You'll enjoy in our hostel because we are working on make a comfortable and easy stay to your rest. 


Alojamiento with breakfast (in bunk beds): 15€

Daily special menu: 13€

Half-board room: 28€




2 bedrooms of 6 people

2 bedrooms of 4 people


Toilets: 3

Showers: 3

Bedrooms: 4


  • Allowed reservation: yes
  • Pets: no
  • Internet: free Wi-fi
  • Bike park: yes
  • Car park with kay
  • Massages: yes, in high season
  • Kitchen: no, only microwave
  • Living room: yes
  • Terrace: yes
  • Swimmingpool: no (there are available municipal pools at 100m for 5 euros on the afternoon, during July and August)
  • Stable: no
  • Heaten: yes
  • Hot water: yes
  • First-aid kit: yes
  • Refrigerator: si
  • Washing machine: yes
  • Dryer: laundromat: yes
  • Hearth: no
  • Telephone: no
  • Sockets: si
  • Lockers: yes
  • Line clothes: yes
  • Coffee machine: yes
  • Soft-drink machine: yes
  • Food: yes


Quinto Real

Quinto Real is located at the North of the location and it is one of the most important and wooded zone of Navarre, next to the Selva del Irati (less of 30 km from Zubiri). In Quinto Real are many paths, streams and other nature spaces, surrounded by centenary beechs. 

Crossed by Arga River and known for Adi peak (1458 m.), this large location hides speial places as Real Fábrica de Armas of Eugui's ruins or Odia's beech grove.

Its name comes from the 13th century, when people had to pay a fifth part by way of pasture and hill's use to the Navarre Kings. 

The medieval bridge

Zubiri comes from euskera (Zubi bridge and Hiri village) and as the legend says, the medieval bridge called de la Rabia bridge, was a betrayal witness: animals were ordered to pass around of the central pillar to avoid the rabies. It is said that this supernatural power took place because Santa Quiteria's heirlooms were buried under de bridge's central pillar. 

It is a Romanesque bridge from the 11th century, but its construction was in the 14th century. It also was reformed recently. 


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